Statement Regarding Recent JBS Precautionary Recall

One of our beef processors, JBS USA, Inc., issued a precautionary recall for approximately 35,500 pounds of ground beef, including approximately 1,000 pounds of Laura's Lean 92% and 96% Lean Ground Beef. The LLB product affected was sold only in Kroger stores located in North Carolina and Virginia. A customer contacted us after finding bits of plastic in a Laura’s Lean ground beef product, and we determined the product was processed at JBS in North Carolina. Consumers are advised to dispose of any Laura’s Lean ground beef products bearing USDA establishment number 34176 and with a use by date of April 9th. The establishment number can be found on the product package. While these products are no longer on retail shelves, they may be in consumers’ freezers. After disposing of the products, consumers are encouraged to contact us at 1-800-487-5326 / 1-800-ITS-LEAN or via email at customers@lauraslean.com and provide a receipt or photo of the dated product for a refund and coupons for future purchases.