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Lean Beginnings

The quality of our lives can't be separated from the quality of our food.

Laura Freeman took the reins at her family farm and founded the Laura's Lean Beef company in 1985. Back then consumers had begun to shy away from beef due to concerns that it was high in fat and cholesterol. Laura set out to find a solution to allow health conscious consumers, like herself, to continue to eat beef in good conscience. Laura committed not only to raising beef that was lean, but also without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones…EVER.

Though Laura has since retired, we continue practicing the high standards she set forth and have expanded our product offerings to include chicken and jerky. Please visit our Online Store for select products or go to our Store Locator to find Laura’s Lean products near you.

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All Natural

We believe that it is best to raise cattle in the way that nature intended.

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No added hormones or antibiotics

We don't believe in using antibiotics or growth hormones to speed the growth of our cattle.

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We believe in the mindful nurturing of land and animals.

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Vegetarian Fed

Cattle live in pastures and graze on natural grasses and grains.

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