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Cooking for Two with Wine Pairings from Renée Brewer: Week 2


Renée Saunier Brewer is a Certified Sommelier (CS) and a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW).  Renée and her husband own the boutique wine store Wine + Market in historical downtown Lexington, Kentucky. 

Week Two Wine Pairing

Since these Stuffed Greek Peppers offer a variety of flavors, we have multiple wine pairing options this week!  

The main element of the dish is Laura’s Lean 92% Ground Beef; however, there are several other delicious flavors to take into consideration.  The fresh, vibrant flavors of the mint, feta cheese and kalamata olives suggest pairing a wine that is bright and mouthwatering, while the vegetables and dried herbs suggest a wine with savory elements.  Finally, the substance that the quinoa and the Laura’s Lean 92% Ground Beef lend to the dish are best supported by either a medium-bodied red or white wine. 

For white wines, I suggest an un-oaked Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc blend.  Both of these options are neither too light, nor too rich for the healthy components of the meal. They also each have enough flavor to stand up to the complex elements the stuffed peppers.  Wonderful versions of un-oaked Chardonnay are made by wineries in California, Oregon and Burgundy, France.  Some of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc blends are crafted by producers in Napa Valley and Bordeaux, France.  

If you prefer light to medium bodied red wines, Pinot Noirs from Oregon are a great bet.  These vibrant, fresh reds match nicely with the vegetable elements of the dish, yet are bold enough to stand up to the quinoa and beef.  If bolder wines are your style, be careful not to go too heavy - after all, this is a 92% lean beef!  Try full-flavored, fruity wines that aren’t too dry or bitter, such as Spanish Garnacha.  Lastly, if you’re a fan of earthy wines, turn towards reds from the Chianti region of Italy.  These mouth-watering, savory wines will complement the tart cheese, herbs and beef in the dish. 

Greek Stuffed Peppers
Greek Stuffed Peppers



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