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Tips for Healthier Meals Everyday

We understand that life can be hectic making it challenging to find the time to prepare meals at home. Follow these simple tips to help you plan and prepare ahead so you are able to enjoy homemade meals more often.

Plan Ahead

  1. Visit the Recipe section on LaurasLean.com for ideas and to help with a list of ingredients you will need.
  2. Organize your list in the order the foods are found in the store.
  3. Stock up on healthy foods like lean proteins when they are on sale.

Prepare Ahead

  1. Cooking larger quantities is an easy way to alleviate the stress of cooking during the week by having leftovers while also allowing you and your family to eat healthier.
  2. Plan your meals around your life, not the other way around. Think about the activities you have planned for the week. If you have an extremely busy day/night, avoid any new elaborate recipes.
  3. Have some "easy" meals in your arsenal. Try to balance your week with a few easier meals and one (or sometimes two) higher effort meals.