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Welcome to the Laura’s Lean Beef blog, a new online forum covering just about every topic related to lean and natural beef, including (but not limited to) recipes, cooking tips, product reviews, nutritional information, healthy living ideas, sustainable farming and more.

Every day interesting ideas and opinions about good food and good living are being exchanged at Laura’s Lean Beef. It’s in that same spirit that we bring you this blog, where a panel of seasoned “foodies” will share some of the cool things going on inside (and occasionally outside) the world of Laura’s Lean Beef.

Chef and food writer Barb Freda will be blogging about recipes she’s creating in her kitchen, ranging from quick and easy weeknight meals to dinner fare with a gourmet flare.

Registered Dietitian Jenny Kramer will be offering real-world ideas on how to organize your eating to get more out of the foods that are good for you. As a working mother of a 14-month old toddler she has some special insights into dealing with picky eaters and also deciphering label fables to make sure you are putting the right ingredients on your family menu.

Occasionally, guest bloggers and even the Laura’s staff will weigh-in to offer the scoop on contests, product development and an inside look at how we keep our promise to farm the way nature intended.

The coolest thing about keeping a blog is the community it forms, so if you have a question, an idea, a recipe or even a product suggestion to share, join the conversation by posting your comments and photos.

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Stay tuned for news about an upcoming contest to name our blog!

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