Show Your Sweetheart How Much You Care

Think it’s not romantic to talk about health? Think again. This month, with Valentine’s Day right here, what better way to show someone you love him or her than by cooking something healthy? Of course, we mean cooking some healthy Laura’s Lean Beef for them.

Here are five reasons Laura’s Lean Beef means you care:

  • Everyone needs protein, and beef delivers more protein per ounce than almost anything else around. Three ounces of beef provide as much iron as 3 cups of raw spinach. Why didn’t Popeye eat beef?!
  • Protein in place of any refined carbs you usually consume helps to lower the risk of heart disease, reduce heart attack risks and improve cholesterol levels.
  • Protein helps you control your weight by helping you retain muscle mass. (Of course, reach for lean protein—Laura’s Lean Beef fits the bill.)
  • Protein helps build strong bones.
  • Protein satisfies your hunger for longer than other foods—it has more “staying power.”

Want to learn more? Texas Beef Council website has articles and plenty of evidence supporting the fact that lean beef is what’s good for your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day—now go serve your sweetheart some Laura’s Lean Beef.

Beef facts from Texas Beef Council


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