Recipe Experimenting

This past week I did a little experimenting with recipes. Instead of  the usual ground turkey for burrito filling, I used LLB ground beef,  4%. I got a great reception from the family, all the guys loved it better.  There is a definite difference with the taste -- it is fresher. I like it better than the flavor of regular ground beef.

I am in my second week of using a weekly meal planner, and I love it so far. With the hectic schedule of a full house and working full time, it is one less thing I have to think about.

Just a side note, I have been living without a microwave for the last several months. It seemed like such a chore when we stopped using it. But now, I have adjusted to the work arounds and extra pots and pans (to reheat stuff). I think this has helped slow down the entire process of making and eating food. Which has been a good thing. It's not so easy to pop something in the microwave.And for me, I am not sure if I'll go back to using one at this point.

Today I had a doctors visit, the last one was almost 3 months ago. And I'm happy to say, I didn't put on any weight since the last appointment (made it through the holidays)! I'm down about five. Not a lot but I'll take it. Also, I am very thrilled to say everything else was in a healthier range, I am having blood work done just out of routine. So I will keep moving in the downward directions as far as my weight is concerned -- it has helped tremendously with all other aspects of my physical health. Sleeping, energy and mood!

This past week, I did well with getting activity time. I wasn't able to get out to go hiking these past two weeks. So I think I need to readjust that goal to monthly - to be more realistic. How are you all doing? Cheers to everyone for this upcoming week -- let's see what we can accomplish!


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