Non-Candy Treat Ideas for Halloween

So Barb shared some great ideas for not letting Halloween get the best of our bodies, I especially love her dose of reality that Halloween is one day not a week!  If you are reading this blog then you probably care about sharing healthy living with other people and setting an example for kids so that could mean passing out a non-candy treat.  Don’t get me wrong, Halloween should be fun and having a little candy is fine but since I work at a pediatric hospital I know there are a lot of children that have to significantly limit or completely avoid candy…children with food allergies, children with diabetes, children with weight problems, children that have feeding tubes, etc.  Sometimes the amount of candy a child gets at Halloween could last them a whole year so they may welcome getting something different.  Giving out a non-candy treat can promote a healthy message and ensures that all children can have it.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Play dough
• Silly bands
• A quarter (ok, don’t give this to a small child that might put it in their mouth, common sense but I had to say it!)
• Dried fruit – yogurt covered raisins
• 100% fruit juice boxes
• Small bag of microwave popcorn
• Bouncy ball
• Fake tattoos
• Bubbles (buy the packs that are passed out at weddings and put orange/black ribbon on top)
• Stickers
• Small bags of trail mix

Happy Healthy Halloween!!


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