No Loss

I’m now through week two of my weight loss plan and while my body seems to be changing shape with the working out, this week I didn’t loose any weight.  It is a little discouraging, but I’ve been here before and I’m not going to let it slow me down.  This weekend was a little bit of a challenge since I had a monthly card party at my house and fixed a bunch of food and people brought snacks.  Plus I stayed up way too late playing cards and that threw my working out into a tailspin for the weekend.

Workout for the week:

I still got in four hours of Wii Active with an additional 3 hours of shoveling snow, although, I didn’t do any workouts Saturday or Sunday.  Also today (Monday) I’m starting work on the basement since I was off work for Martin Luther King day and I haven’t worked out yet today.  I still hope to work out but once my daughter gets home from daycare, it gets more difficult to get the workout in.

Food Choices:

Thanks to input from Jenny, I’m trying to get in a few more servings of fruits and veggies each day.  I also upped my skim milk to three servings a day to be sure I get enough calcium in.  I did well all week, but then on Friday, I lost count of points and ate snacks and desserts at the party.  I made an angle food cake with light cool whip and strawberry dessert which is my way to indulge but not have a lot of fat.  Also, I enjoy pretzels when playing cards but more than a handful was too much.  They were low fat but certainly still too many calories, so I got right back to eating my right number of points the next day. 

It really helps me stay focused on my goals and resolution with all of the encouragement I am receiving, so thank you to all who follow the blog and comment on my progress.

Have another wonderful week and let’s do this together!!!



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