Mother’s Day Gifts Even the Kids Can Make

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Every year we go through a delicate dance at my house; what will the kids give me for Mother’s Day? My oldest insists on raiding her piggy bank and buying me an “extra special” gift. My youngest usually joins in the fray saying she wants to do whatever her sister is doing. Now, I don’t get upset about this entire ruckus because it’s really my kids trying to show how much they love me. But, each year I do tell them not to spend their money, that all I really want is a big kiss and hug and to spend the day having fun with them. To me this makes perfect sense. To them, they want to feel special giving mom a great gift.

So, if your kids are the same as mine, I’ve got an easy suggestion for two really great Mother’s Day gifts that the kids can make with very little fuss or muss – Homemade Bath Salts and Body Scrubs. These two recipes are so great you’ll probably find yourself making them for other holidays like birthdays and Christmas. By the way, they’re husband-proof; even my husband can manage them!

Pam’s Homemade Bath Salts:
These are a favorite around my house. My kids and I regularly make them just for fun. We also make them for gifts year-round. The basic recipe I’ve included below is just that; basic. From there, you can spruce it up to make it more like the expensive versions from the bath and body shops. Also, your measurements don’t have to be precise. As they say on American Idol, “make it your own.” Once you’ve got all your ingredients in a bowl, just mix them together and put them in a pretty jar or securely-tied gift bag and you’re ready to go. To use, pour ¼ cup (or more) into a hot bath and enjoy!

Basic Recipe:
2 cups Epsom salt
½ cup baking soda

Additions to make the recipe special:

¼ cup sea salt
½ cup nonfat dry milk
A few drops of essential oil
Food coloring
¼ to ½ cup regular (not instant) oats that have been run through a blender. (Note: This leaves tiny flecks in your bath water. I’m not a fan, but I know a lot of people who love them.)
1 Tablespoon fine granulated sugar

Pam’s Homemade Body Scrub

My kids love to make homemade body scrub because there’s no measuring involved; just a few simple ingredients and lots of fun. You can make this recipe with salt or sugar according to your personal preference. I like both types.
Basic Recipe:

Epsom salts, Sea Salts or plain sugar
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice (either directly from the lemon or from the bottle)
Essential oils for scent

Put your salt/sugar in a bowl, mix with olive oil and lemon juice until it’s the right consistency, then add a few drops of essential oil until the smell is to your liking (FYI- My kids love the part where we mix the essential oil. They sit and sniff and then tell me it’s good or we need more. I think it’s hilarious to watch them go through their machinations when smelling. They take this part very seriously!)

Once all the ingredients are mixed, just put the scrub in a pretty jar and then use it to have super-smooth skin for summer.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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