Feeling Some Challenges

For the first week, I am feeling some challenges, but I am also making an effort to change my habits and get healthy!

My challenges:

  • finding time to fit in exercise while working full time and going to after work meetings.
  • making fast meals to eat after a long day at work, when all I really want to do is order out.
  • drinking water, ugh ...

Things I worked on this week:

  • I wrote down everything I ate, so that I could be accountable
  • I measured my food, so that I was not eating more than 1 portion size.
  • I was able to exercise 2 times this week for about 2 hours each time. It felt great to get in some exercise, and it was fun! I played my Just Dance 2 game for the wii. It does not even feel like you are working out, and the time flies by!




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