Couch Potato to 5K – Yeah, there’s an App for That

Did any of you have a chance to read Barb Freda’s post about getting into the exercise groove?

As part of her own journey to get back into shape, she competed on a relay team in the NYC Triathlon last July. Now she’s training to compete in all three segments on her own.

A self-described non-runner, she turned to the web site Couch to 5K to help her get going. The program worked, and she has stuck with it. This month she is running a 5K, then an 8K, followed by her first 10K in April.

There are lots of great web sites and apps out there to help us simplify our efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle or even coax us out the door with small, stamina building workouts. Check out the links below to see if one of is right for you.

  • www.sparkpeople.com – Diane uses this one for tracking her calories.
  • www.lifefitrevolution.com – Elaine has found this site to be a huge part of her success
  • www.calorieking.com – I have mentioned this before. It’s a great site for looking up calories in foods at home or restaurants
  • Android Apps:
    • Diet Tips – quick, easy ideas for motivation
    • Cardio Trainer – tracks your fitness progress
    • DroidFit – great for serious weight lifters
    • Hungry! – helps with grocery store lists
    • Ambiance – provides relaxing sounds
  • iPhone Apps:
    • Lose It – sets goals and helps you track food and activity (also www.loseit.com has most of the same options)
    • iPump – workout design
    • Step Track Lite – uses your i-phone as a pedometer
    • iMapmyRun – uses GPS to help you find exercise routes (www.mapmyrun.com does the same thing)
    • iSpinning – designs workouts
    • Pret-a-Yoga Lite – great for those that are new to yoga
    • iFitness
    • iBody – in addition to tracking activity, also tracks blood pressure and pulse

Help us add to the list. Share one that works for you.


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