Why Not Laura's Lean Beef for Thanksgiving?

It’s true that most of us don’t eat turkey any other time of year than at Thanksgiving and, perhaps Christmas. And it’s true that turkey has its roots in the Pilgrim’s dinner centuries ago. But can’t we be thankful over beef, too? And can’t I have turkey breast in, I don’t know, August if I want to? Of course we can enjoy beef for Thanksgiving. Of course I can get my turkey fix in August. So this year, that is exactly what I suggest. Here are 10 Great Reasons to Have Laura’s Lean Beef for Thanksgiving: 1. Turkey is tame. Let’s shake it up. 2. Even the smallest turkeys feed a crowd. With beef, if we only have two for dinner, we can cook up two of the best Laura’s Lean Beef steaks we can find. 3. Not enough people really like the dark meat. Everyone loves a filet mignon. 4. At its leanest, Laura’s Lean Beef is only a few grams of fat less lean than turkey. We say not enough to count! 5. Stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce and even pumpkin pie go just as well with beef as they do with turkey. 6. Instead of turkey sandwiches with leftovers, we’ll make cheese steaks. 7. ALL of Laura’s Lean Beef cattle are raised with sustainable, responsible practices. The same cannot be said of ALL turkey. 8. Beef Gravy tastes better than turkey gravy (okay, that’s a matter of opinion, but we like it better!). 9. You can use our website to find exactly where Laura’s Lean Beef is available. 10. You don’t need us to establish a 24-hour hotline to help you cook Laura’s Lean Beef. We’ve got lots of recipes online to get you started and if you have a question, we’ll try to answer it in this space. Now go eat beef for Thanksgiving. You'll be thankful you did. Which beef dish will be on your Thanksgiving table this year. Tell us about it.


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