Can You Find Laura’s Lean Beef Products Near You?

Today, we’re doing a “just in case” blog — that is to say, just in case you haven’t taken advantage of the Laura’s Lean Beef website tools, we want to make sure you know how to use the “where to buy” Laura’s Lean Beef products tool. 1. Click onto Laura’s Lean Beef website . 2. Right at the top right of the page, you’ll see “find stores” with a blank box for your zip code. Enter your zip code and click the “Find Stores” button immediately to the right of that box. 3. The page very quickly displays a list of all the stores near you that sell Laura’s Lean Beef products. The line in italics lets you know which products you can expect to find at that store. (For example, if you want one of Laura’s Lean Beef prepared products, make sure the line reads: Typically carries pre-cooked/frozen items.) 4. If the list names a store you are unfamiliar with, click the “map it” link to the right of the store name. You’ll get a Google map view of the store’s location, but you can also click on the “Get Directions” link in the upper right hand section of that page. Enter your own address in Box A (the store’s address automatically appears in Box B). Click “Get Directions.” You’ll get printed instructions on how to get to the store AND you’ll get a map of the suggested route to the store. Okay—no more excuses about not finding us—get on out there and enjoy!


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