Breakfast Sausage Saga Continues

Uncooked Sausage Patties

Hmm. I like the grind of the sausage using the meat grinder … But I’m rethinking that vinegar addition. Now it seems to be taking something away from the flavors. I think it is still overpowering the sage flavor I want to dominate.

So batch number three: No lemon. No vinegar. No sherry. Okay, maybe sherry … I’m going to make a batch without, fry up a patty and make a decision.

I am liking the flavor, and I think I don’t miss the fact that this is not pork sausage. Yesterday, I ground the meat, fried up a small patty packed very loosely, then fried up a patty tightly packed. Aside from the fact that I really want to nix the vinegar factor here (to be honest, there’s something I like there even while it doesn’t let that sage shine through. I like the acid complementing the beefy flavors …), I thought I would like the loosely packed patty better, but I just didn’t.

So when I woke this morning, I decided to have another small patty—one that had sat overnight. I LIKE it. It’s good. Is it pork sausage? Umm. No. But like before, it’s definitely hitting the flavors I like—beefy, sage-y and with that hint of bacon, a tiny bit smoky.

Here’s the mixture I am trying today. Ribeye, sage, thyme (more than before), garlic and onion, salt, black pepper. No acids whatsoever. Parsley, because I just love how that looks in the finished product. And I’m adding the smoked paprika back in (I used that in my first recipe) for even more of that smoky flavor. And I am only going to grind it one time (yesterday, I ground it twice, thinking that would help the mixing of the meat … maybe not so necessary).

The results? Check back with me on my next post.


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