Plank It: Cooking Laura’s Lean Beef with Wood Planks

Try something new with your grill this season: cooking with wooden planks. You may have seen these in the grocery store, thin planks of (typically) cedar, often sold next to seafood, which is one of the more popular uses for planks.

But we are talking steak, aren’t we? And there is no good reason not to enjoy plank cooking with your Laura’s Lean Beef Products. In fact, Great Lakes Grilling Company, which manufactures planks and near-paper-thin wood wraps, has recipes devoted to cooking beef on planks.

Plank cooking has its roots in Native American history—salmon were pegged to big cedar planks then cooked and smoked over open fires. The cedar imparts its flavor to the fish.

Here are some tips:

•    Always soak the planks at least 30 minutes before using.
•    Grill steaks a few minutes each side (high heat) before placing them on soaked planks.
•    Once seared, cook planked steaks over lower heat, lid down, in order to let planks impart some smoky flavor to the meats.
•    Burgers do NOT need to be seared first; cook these directly on the planks the entire time.
•    Try some different woods to see which you like best: cedar, maple, alder.
•    Use the planks as serving platters.
•    Do not use planks for beef if you have already used it in the past for fish (thick planks are often reusable)
•    If you can reuse the planks, wash them well with soap and water.
•    Check out our July Planked Rib-eye Steak recipe with a dry rub seasoning on Thursday! It's worth checking back ... trust me!


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