Keeping Track of Summer Fun

Yeah! The kids are out of school for the summer; this is my favorite time of year!

It seems like we talked about things we wanted to do over this break forever. But once the last backpack was emptied and the lunch boxes were stowed away, it became evident that we needed a fun way to keep track of all our ideas.

I’ve seen summer activity organization ideas in magazines and on Pinterest but never used a method before. So, I adapted an idea to keep us a little more organized without ruining our spontaneity; this way we won’t get to the end of summer and be bummed out because we forgot to do something really cool.

First, I sat down with my kids and we made a list of everything we wanted to do this summer. We included it all; from bike riding in the park to local day trips. I did; however, instruct the kids to be realistic; no trips to Paris, Hawaii and Australia in one summer! We kept family vacation out of this.

Then we wrote each goal on a clothespin and lined the top of a plastic beach bucket with all of our clothespins.  Once an activity is completed, it goes in the bucket.

The kids loved having a say in what their summer is going to be like. And, they loved writing the goals on the clothespins; especially if the activity was their idea!

We’ve already started completing our “summer bucket list” and it is working great! We’ve visited Mammoth Cave and Columbus, Ohio and taken a sewing lesson. I’m sure some things will be added or taken away from the bucket as the summer progresses but for the most part, we’re organized.

In the end, I’m hoping this will keep us on-track this summer and provide great memories that will last a lifetime!


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