Getting Back on Track

The basement work is almost done with the carpet and last trim work getting done today.  Yea!!!!  I’ve worked really hard which has burned a lot of calories, and did ok on my diet so, it hasn’t disrupted my resolution plan too much.

Kids are amazing …

One of the goals that I have had through my resolutions has been to teach my kids the value of eating good healthy foods.  It has been hard to know if this lifestyle change has been a good influence on them because you know kids, they just don’t talk too much about those things even when asked.

But to encourage all of you with kids, that setting this example is so very important, I wanted to share with you something my son wrote to me this week.  It was a school writing assignment in which he had to write a letter to someone, address the envelop and send the letter by mail.  So I was surprised when this letter arrived and even more touched by what he wrote with regards to eating right.  It was short and to the point.  He wrote, “Thank you, mom, for cooking good, healthy food.  Now I like and eat healthy food.  This is the main reason I don’t gain weight.”  Now, he’s not one that needs to watch his weight at this stage in life, but I’m glad he sees the connection.  So parents, know that your kids do see your efforts and do follow your examples too!

Home stretch …

How am I going to finish up these last two weeks?  Well, I plan to get back to my original plan again of working out 5-7 times each week, starting Saturday (I’m still going to be working on the basement today and then have a card party in which I’ll be getting ready for).  I’m actually itching to get back to it, and I’m also so looking forward to warm weather so I can get back to riding my mountain bike.  I’m going to really load up on the veggies and fruit over these last few weeks which has slacked off because of not getting to the grocery enough during the basement work.  I will do this and I will reach my goal…I’m not sure if it will be by April 1 like I had planned, but that won’t stop me.  This is a life long change in my eating habits and exercising and I’m going to stick with it!!!!

Good news …

Even with the change in my eating/exercise plan, I still lost another 2 lbs, so I’m up to 8 lbs lost and my clothes are fitting looser again.  I want to keep this momentum and keep losing at 2 lbs per week.  Much more than that, and I think I’d get a bit cranky.

Thanks again for all of the encouragement and great advice.  I hope and pray that all of you are doing well on your resolutions and if you’ve gotten a bit side tracked, don’t loose hope, just realize that is part of life and you can get right back on path again.

Take care and good luck!!!!



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