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Summer Entertaining Tips from Christy Vega

Christy Vega summer entertaining tips

Christina Vega’s family has been entertaining celebrities and locals in Los Angeles for decades at their legendary restaurant, Casa Vega. Now, Christy shares five Summer Entertaining tips to make your next home cookout a hit.

1) A Stocked Summer Entertaining Pantry

 At the start of every Summer, I stock up on items that I always need on hand to make entertaining easier:

  • Earth-friendly disposable ware such as palm leaf plates and bamboo cutlery
  • Drink dispensers and carafes ready for drink service
  • Plastic, stemless wine glasses perfect for pool side drinks and cocktails
  • Serving platters ready for watermelon slices or stacks of burgers
  • Steel tubs to be used as drink tubs, ice tubs, flower displays or even to hold water balloons
  • Birthday candles (3 out of my 4 boys are Summer birthdays, so we can never have enough candles)
  • Bunch-o-Balloons & Side walk chalk to entertain the kiddos
  • Mesh food tents to keep insects away from the food
  • A spare bag of ice for the freezer
  • Votives to bug-repellent candles
  • Sunscreen for long days by the smoker

2) Decorate without Flowers

I tend to use bowls of fruit, potted plants and lanterns as centerpieces during the Summer. 

3) Prepare with a Timeline

The day before, write out a detailed time line that covers everything from cocktail hour, dinner service, ice de-thaw, etc. Being prepared eliminates anxiety for me.

4) Emergency Spill Kit Ready

Have a kit ready to go with paper towels, a dish towel for blotting, commercial stain remover, club soda and kitchen salt. With these items, you should be able to handle any spill that comes your way.

5) One-Two Bite Apps

I prefer to keep appetizers to one or two bites at big parties. Think of things that are easy to pop in your mouth. 

Photo credit: christyvega.com


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