The Final Result

Cooked Sausage Patties

This is it. This is the sausage I want to eat when I want my Laura’s Lean Beef for breakfast. I will happily have it in a breakfast sandwich (see the sausage, egg white and cheese sandwich recipe we made). I’ll eat with just my egg in the morning. AND I will eat it in the breakfast casserole recipe that will be posted in a day or so.

I think that little bit of extra fat from the ribeye helps, plus there is some textural difference I like (I know: too…culinary? It’s an obsession.).

I like the extra touch of smoked paprika, and I like not adding the acid this time around. This time I even added one extra slice of bacon. That’s only half a slice of bacon if you divide this into four patties … but maybe you want to divide this into … say, six patties. Especially if I use it on a breakfast sandwich or in a casserole, this serves more.

I want to remind you that you don’t need to own a grinder—take your Laura’s Lean Beef Ribeye to the butcher and ask him or her to grind it one time, medium grind. Chop the bacon super fine at home (take two slices and put them into the freezer for 20 minutes before you chop it so it’s easier to chop).Make up your spice mixture, stir it into the meat along with the bacon. Add fresh parsley. I still like making it the night before so those flavors blend nicely.

It has been a fun experiment. I like this beef sausage. I don’t miss sausage with more fat. The mixture works wonderfully well in the breakfast casserole (one of our holiday family traditions—maybe it will be come one of yours.)


  • James - Aug 15, 2016
  • Anonymous - Dec 31, 2010
    being raised by a southern lady and living in texas, you know we love our cream gravy over our sausage. could you make your rue and add milk to the 'drippings'?

  • Anonymous - Dec 29, 2010
    Andrew, thanks for your comment. I would make the sausage with the ribeye (as opposed to the leaner sirloin) and use whatever is left in the pan after cooking the patties. Then add flour to the pan then beef stock. If you find you do need more fat, try adding just a touch of oil since you don't like butter.

    I may be testing a recipe using turkey bacon. If I get that far, I'll also test the straight-up recipe as it is written to see if I can get a good gravy out of it--but hey, if you beat me to it (I'll post when I get to do it), please post again and let us know how your sausage turns out.

    Stick with us. The blog posts were following our progress and should come next.

  • Anonymous - Dec 28, 2010
    Hi there! This sounds awesome! My wife will not eat pork (except chopped bacon) and so she's always excluded when I make anything with sausage. Could this be used in a sausage gravy recipe? I guess you'd probably need to add more fat, but I've found it tough to find fat additives that result in a savory flavor. Butter for example always comes out sweet, which is not good for my gravies ;)

    Anyway, do you have this recipe in a format I can download and save?

    Andrew Middleton
    Norman, OK


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