Getting in Shape

I recently shared how well I was fitting beef into my weekly menus with a few people at Laura’s Lean Beef HQ—they quickly asked, "why not share that part of your life on the blog"? And it makes sense. I have the best job in the world. I write about food, wine and travel. I always say I “suffer” for my craft, but of course I don’t. Food people are just about ALL fun people. They are social; a meal is an event, and they are interesting and interested. But my waistline definitely suffers. I develop and test recipes. I do my best to feed the neighbors, but it doesn’t always work. People send me samples. I am invited to restaurants, either by the folks at the restaurant itself or by people who just know I’ll love the next restaurant they are visiting. Let’s just say it was taking a toll on my waistline. Then, shortly before I came on board at Laura’s Lean Beef, I made a decision to get BACK into shape. I say “back into shape" because when I was a chef, I worked long, hot hours and I worked physical hours. I stayed in shape. But writing is a sedentary job. I cook, I test, I eat, I write. Repeat. I was definitely not in shape. But I still had to work. I still had to test beef recipes. And while I am good, recipes don’t always work the first time out. I might eat beef meals two or three times a week. But I kept swimming. I kept planning my meals. And I kept eating Laura’s Lean Beef. Since April, I have lost more than 35 pounds. I never took beef off the weekly menus—I couldn’t take beef off the menus! It’s my job. But it is also proof positive that Laura’s Lean Beef can find a healthy place in any healthy eating plan. Bon Appetit! Enjoy the beef. (I did not do it by diet alone. I trained to enter a triathlon with a relay team and swam 1500 meters in the Hudson River in NYC in July. Now I’m training for the full triathlon in 2011. That’s another story for another blog post, but the protein I know I get from beef keeps me going!)


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