Lean Beginnings

Lean Beginnings

Laura Freeman didn’t set out to be the “Laura” in Laura’s Lean Beef. In the beginning, all she wanted was to eat healthier and save the family farm.

When Laura took over the family business in 1985, it was a tough time to be a cattle farmer. Beef had developed a reputation for high total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, and many health-conscious people had cut back or given it up completely.

Laura had these same concerns about food and health, but realized that as a farmer, she could make a difference. She began experimenting with lean, gourmet breeds of cattle like Limousin and Charolais and committed to raising them without hormones or antibiotics. She also believed that sustainable farming practices and humane treatment would produce happier animals and healthier food.

She was probably ahead of her time, because for that first year, business was lean – so lean that the “company office” was an old log cabin on the farm! Laura and her brother created the first Laura’s Lean Beef logo by themselves … and it showed!

Over time, though, grocery stores started to appreciate the “all-natural” approach Laura pioneered, along with the lean beef she produced. Today, Laura’s Lean Beef is available in 7000 stores throughout 48 states. We collaborate with a network of like-minded family farmers to raise cattle according to the strict standards developed on Laura’s farm. The result is a healthy, delicious option for you and your family to enjoy.