Mentions and Recognitions

April, 2014

Laura's Lean Beef Joins Kentucky Proud Program

"Laura’s Lean Beef announced today that it has joined Kentucky Proud, the Commonwealth’s official state agricultural marketing program. After growing to become the largest brand of natural beef in the U.S., Laura’s Lean Beef remains based in Lexington, Ky., where it began almost 30 years ago..."

It’s Beef vs. Cheese

Lexington, Kentucky Mayor Jim Gray and Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Paul Soglin made a friendly wager on the Final Four’s game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Laura’s Lean Beef filets served at the Kentucky Derby Festival’s 58th Annual They’re Off! Luncheon

Luncheon attendees enjoyed a Kentucky Proud meal that included Laura’s Lean Beef filet’s for the main course.

March, 2014

Bloggers give seal of approval on Laura’s Lean Deli Meats!

“It’s great to know that we can have a pastrami sandwich occasionally, and it won’t throw our low sodium regimen out of kilter.” –

February, 2014

Laura’s Lean Beef Offers New Ideas for a Heart-Healthy Diet

American Heart Association-certified lean beef makes it easy to love a healthy diet during American Heart Month

January, 2014

Laura’s Featured on FOX TV-affiliate WDRB For Healthy Chili!

Louisville, KY’s WDRB FOX In The Morning shows viewers how to make a Healthy version of chili using Laura’s Lean Beef.

Laura's mentioned in bloggers' New Year's posts

"For a dish like this one where the beef is the main star, it makes good sense to buy a little better quality.  Laura’s Lean Beef is a good brand to buy and it’s available in most grocery stores..."

Men's Journal Points to Laura’s Lean Beef for Healthy Tailgating

"'To have a more healthful pre-game party, you don't even have to abandon the burger,' says Dulan. Just make sure to buy lean or extra-lean ground beef. Dulan likes Laura's Lean Ground Sirloin, which is 96 percent fat free and has 140 calories, 24 grams of protein, and 4.5 grams of fat per 4-ounce serving."

December, 2013

Hungry Girl features Laura's Deli Meats in her Best Healthy Food Products of 2013

"Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillian featured Laura's Deli meats in her top ten Best Healthy Food Products of 2013. "Laura's Lean Beef is a go-to protein brand in our book, so when we heard Laura had expanded her empire to the deli section, we were obviously interested. Rightly so! These all-natural sliced meats are INCREDIBLE!"

Laura's soups and deli meats in the Hungry Girl Spotlight

Laura’s Kitchen deli meats and soups were featured Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien’s blog and e-newsletter. “Low-fat corned beef and pastrami? Excellent!” “It tastes exactly the way a good chicken noodle soup should!”