Slow Changes To Last A Lifetime

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“Aha” moments come at different times in every ones life. Mostly, when you least expect it.

My journey towards a healthier lifestyle and mentality began a few years ago, even though much of the physical change seems to have happened in the last year.

In early 2009, I was faced with several realities delivered by my doctor. All of my reckless dieting seemed to finally be catching up to me. Gallbladder surgery was not something I was ready for at thirty-four. But much needed because the chronic pain I was experiencing, it just had to happen. While other family members had the procedure early in life too, I was still shocked and upset.

I had to face the biggest culprit in my health and that was eating on the run. I held a full time management position and the long hours left me very little time for meal planning. First change I made was incorporating more vegetables into my meals — from zucchini, spinach to salad, I tried to add a large portion every day. And it was amazing how much better I started to feel eating more variety and healthier food.

I immediately lost 15 pounds in a few months. The surgery day came and went and then I was back into my regular routine. I did what most people do and I plateaued. I spent the next several months working on my intake but still feeling like I could be losing faster. It wasn’t until last year that I really started to notice a difference. The second part of my journey was another dose of reality. A hard realization but a much needed one. Next week: What I felt after hearing my brother detail his experience with his heart attack last year.

Barb Freda

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2 Responses to Slow Changes To Last A Lifetime

  1. Anonymous says:


    Sometimes health scares can be a blessing in disguise even if we don’t want to face them. I’m looking forward to your next post, I’m hoping your brother has had a chance to turn his health around too. Keep up with all those veggies!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, yes he is doing much better now. And I agree there was definitely an important lesson learned through his experience.

    PS I tried LLB’s cabbage roll recipe last night. My family keeps raising their eye brows lately at what I’m making. They don’t usually want to hear I’m making more veggie based dinners but surprisingly they are enjoying them.

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