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This past week I did a little experimenting with recipes. Instead of  the usual ground turkey for burrito filling, I used LLB ground beef,  4%. I got a great reception from the family, all the guys loved it better.  There is a definite difference with the taste — it is fresher. I like it better than the flavor of regular ground beef.

I am in my second week of using a weekly meal planner, and I love it so far. With the hectic schedule of a full house and working full time, it is one less thing I have to think about.

Just a side note, I have been living without a microwave for the last several months. It seemed like such a chore when we stopped using it. But now, I have adjusted to the work arounds and extra pots and pans (to reheat stuff). I think this has helped slow down the entire process of making and eating food. Which has been a good thing. It’s not so easy to pop something in the microwave.And for me, I am not sure if I’ll go back to using one at this point.

Today I had a doctors visit, the last one was almost 3 months ago. And I’m happy to say, I didn’t put on any weight since the last appointment (made it through the holidays)! I’m down about five. Not a lot but I’ll take it. Also, I am very thrilled to say everything else was in a healthier range, I am having blood work done just out of routine. So I will keep moving in the downward directions as far as my weight is concerned — it has helped tremendously with all other aspects of my physical health. Sleeping, energy and mood!

This past week, I did well with getting activity time. I wasn’t able to get out to go hiking these past two weeks. So I think I need to readjust that goal to monthly – to be more realistic. How are you all doing? Cheers to everyone for this upcoming week — let’s see what we can accomplish!

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2 Responses to Recipe Experimenting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear you had a good doctor’s visit. That is a real challenge living without a microwave but sounds like you are getting used to it and actually liking it. It is true that just slowing down our cooking process and eating can really help us be more mindful of what’s going in our mouths. Glad to hear you liked the beef burritos, lean beef tastes great and has a much better nutrient profile so keep playing around with your recipes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Yes, still not using the microwave. Much to the chagrin of the teens but for right now it is working for us. If something changes and we need to bring it back, I am not totally against it — I see the pros and cons now for sure.

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