Melted Crayon Hearts Add Festive Touch

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It’s funny because as an adult, Valentine’s Day is fun, yes. But as a kid, Valentine’s Day is REALLY FUN! My kids love it. They’ve got to pick out the best cards, which the last few years, have included small trinkets like Silly Bands and themed erasers. Filling out the cards is a whole exciting process. And then, there are the decorations. Again, as an adult, I really don’t need any. But, as a kid, decorations are a must have.

So, a few years ago, my kids and I found the cutest decoration/craft; melted crayon hearts, and we’ve made a few more every year since. These hearts are beautiful because crayon shavings are melted inside of wax paper that becomes translucent. When they’re hung in a window or a spot with lots of light, the color just filters through them and gives the room a festive touch.

Melted crayon hearts are super easy; although they do require an adult helper since a hot iron is involved. They’re also a great way to recycle some of your used and broken crayons.

First, you need some wax paper. You should cut the wax paper in a fairly big sheet since it will need to be folded over and still be big enough to cut out the hearts. Then you need some crayon shavings. I’ve found the easiest way to do this is to use a pencil sharpener to create the shavings. You can use any color you’d like; stick with holiday colors like red and pink, or go with a rainbow theme. The possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve got these basics gathered, place the shavings on one half of the wax paper and then fold the other half over the top of the shavings; kind of like a crayon shavings sandwich. Take your “sandwich” and place it on an ironing board that you’ve covered with brown craft paper. (This will protect your board from melted crayon drippings.) Cover the “sandwich” with more craft paper and iron the whole thing very carefully with an iron on medium heat. Make sure to keep checking as you iron; don’t let it go too long.

Once all the shavings are melted, then let the “sandwich” cool. After it cools, you can cut out your heart shapes in all different sizes, punch a hole through them and hang them with pretty ribbon.

Your kids will love this craft and it will add a festive touch to a fun and loving holiday.


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