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Before you know it, Summer will be over. Days will be shorter and it will be time again for backpacks, homework …and for many, loads of snow, ice and slush. So make the most of the next few weeks to get out there and finish off the season with some fun activities!   WATER + BALLONS = FUN!   Alright – so if you haven’t yet enjoyed a good old water balloon fight, this is an absolute end of Summer … continued…

Kids Camping in Backyard
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Contributed by Nicole from Cooking for Keeps Since I was a kid, I’ve loved the Fourth of July. Our street growing up was full of children and every Fourth of July, all of us kids would competitively decorate our shiny bikes with red, white and blue streamers, cards and festive ribbons and then parade up and down the street while our parents stood on the sidelines and cheered us on. Of course the night ended with fireworks and sparklers, but … continued…

Fourth of July Steak Salad 7
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There’s something about the combination of mint and bourbon that can only mean a Kentucky Derby tie-in. I love the combination. The mint and bourbon both come through on this one, and the brown sugar and bourbon both help make a nice crust on this grilled flank steak. Of course it doesn’t have to be served just on Derby Day…Mint (grow your own—even I can get mint to grow) is just a nice, surprising addition to a lot of savory … continued…

Derby Flank Steak sliced
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Stir-fries are among the simplest and quickest meals to put together. All the ingredients are cut to sizes that cook quickly. You can substitute hoisin sauce or teriyaki sauce for the black bean sauce. Quick cooking means the stove is on only briefly (this took about 8 minutes to cook). If you want to serve this with rice, start the rice before you start working on the ingredients for the stir-fry. Prep time: About 15 minutes Cook time: About 8 … continued…

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Recipe courtesy of Nathan from WannaBite.  I love ribeye steak. I haven’t met many men that don’t appreciate a quality steak that’s well cooked. My wife is a master at cooking steak. (Unlike me, who tends to overcook them.) So the other night, when she called to tell me that she’d picked up some Laura’s Lean Beef ribeyes and planned to cook them for dinner, I was very happy. You know you love something when you can almost taste it … continued…

Salt Crusted Ribeye with Bearnaise Sauce
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Get inspired with recipes, crafts and healthy ideas for a spooktacular Halloween. Cheesy Beef Soup Baked in a Pumpkin Pot Roast and Pumpkin Risotto Healthy Treats Homemade Healthy Popcorn Balls Halloween Garland Halloween Wine Bottles Burlap Wreath   Follow Laura’s Lean Beef on Pinterest for more ideas! Follow Laura’s Lean Beef’s board Halloween on Pinterest.

Halloween Mashup
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I admit to being a tech geek. I love using my iPad, even in the kitchen. But I still also love a great new cookbook filled with lovely photos and great notes or even essays, a book I can page through and mark up with post-it notes to remind me of recipes I want to try. So even while I aim for a paperless office, I’ll never give up on my cookbooks!   Here are (relatively) new releases worth a … continued…

cookbook with tabs
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This recipe uses zucchini in place of traditional lasagna noodles — using a mandolin to slice the zucchini as thin as possible, lengthwise. I love the results and didn’t miss the pasta, which is saying a lot for me. Note: Because I used uncooked vegetables for the most part, this exuded a good bit of liquid. But in the summer, when I want to throw something together quickly, roasting or grilling the vegetables ahead of time defeated the purpose—instead, I … continued…

Summer Lasagna
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I love it when I can cook an entire meal, start to finish, dessert included, on the grill. It means the house stays cool and we stay outside, lingering as the sun sets. And there is nothing easier than the grill cleanup: close lid, walk away. Right?   So here are five great ideas for grilling your desserts—and yes, every single one of them can be topped with some vanilla ice cream… or low-fat frozen dessert of your choice. 1. … continued…

Grilled Pineapple
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I believe there is always a good reason to have a meal ready at the end of a long day full of sunshine and Spring weather. And the truth is, I am always happy to enjoy stroganoff.   Prep Time 10 minutes (less if you don’t brown the meat first) Cook Time: 6 to 8 hours on low in slow cooker Serves 4   1 teaspoon vegetable oil 1 pound Laura’s Lean Beef Eye of Round, cut into cubes 1 … continued…

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff
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