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Patty melts really are the ideal home-crafted meal. Who can resist?  Toasted bread, a thick hamburger patty, gooey cheese, and sweet caramelized onions, this sandwich has got it all.   They are easy to make and so delicious and this particular patty melt recipe is no exception.  It’s made with tangy blue cheese, lean ground beef, caramelized onions, and nutty rye bread.  And because blue cheese is so flavorful, you don’t have to add as much cheese as you would with … continued…

Patty Melt HERO (1) copy
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SNACK ON THIS!   When you were growing up, chances are you heard the eternal “don’t eat that you’ll spoil your appetite”. But snacks can keep younger kids from getting so hungry that they become cranky, and older kids from overeating larger meals. Snacks are important for hunger management and can also teach kids about the importance of good nutrition. It’s all about offering the right foods at the right times. The best snacks are higher in protein, low in … continued…

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Before you know it, Summer will be over. Days will be shorter and it will be time again for backpacks, homework …and for many, loads of snow, ice and slush. So make the most of the next few weeks to get out there and finish off the season with some fun activities!   WATER + BALLONS = FUN!   Alright – so if you haven’t yet enjoyed a good old water balloon fight, this is an absolute end of Summer … continued…

Kids Camping in Backyard
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Watermelon: The Perfect Family Fun Month Treat   Family Fun Month is here and what better way to enjoy the summer season than with some delicious watermelon. For those of us who haven’t grown out of the excitement that comes from the sight of watermelon alone, here are some fun ideas for the whole family to enjoy! Remember these are just some thought starters. There are so many more ways to have fun with watermelon so enjoy!       … continued…

Slices of fresh watermelon with heart shape pieces
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DIY Hot Dog Bar In 3 Easy Steps Summer is now in full swing and any occasion to enjoy delicious food is a good one to have fun with family and friends, right? Well, how about celebrating National Hot Dog Day? Here are some simple ideas on how to put together your very own hot dog bar to host your own celebration! We have included a link to few of our very own favorite hot dog recipes below. Remember, these … continued…

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Get inspired with recipes, crafts and healthy ideas for a spooktacular Halloween. Cheesy Beef Soup Baked in a Pumpkin Pot Roast and Pumpkin Risotto Healthy Treats Homemade Healthy Popcorn Balls Halloween Garland Halloween Wine Bottles Burlap Wreath   Follow Laura’s Lean Beef on Pinterest for more ideas! Follow Laura’s Lean Beef’s board Halloween on Pinterest.

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I recently purchased a blue wire basket that brings out the subtle blues in my couch, but didn’t have anything to fill it. I first thought about using hollow vine balls. But then came across a tutorial on making decorative hollow yarn balls on the Jo Ann Fabric and Craft website that sparked my creativity and was the perfect solution to my decorating dilemma. I had an old skein of yarn that would highlight my couch perfectly. I had to … continued…

Yarn Balls
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Freezing herbs is a great way to use and preserve summer’s bounty both in season and out of season. In season, I love to make ice cubes for summer drinks; mainly sun tea. Most days I set out a pot of water, herbs and tea bags to brew and leave it there until dinner. Since we use it right from the outdoors, my family goes through a lot of ice. I use this as an opportunity to spice things up … continued…

Freezing Herbs
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You know what a hack is, right? Something that makes your life easier. You’ll see a lot of short pieces floating around on the internet—life hacks, food hacks, kitchen hacks. I find them irresistible, and here are a few favorites (not all may be hacks, but there are some new ways to make life in the kitchen easier!).   1. Slicing cherry tomatoes (or any other seedless, small round objects in the kitchen such as grapes). This one made the … continued…

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I hope all danger of frost has long passed for you—it’s been an awfully long winter. But now, it’s time to plant a kitchen garden. Every year I try to embrace the quote from Michael Pollan to “plant a garden, no matter how small.” I freely admit to a black thumb, but each year I start with optimism, and choose easy herbs that grow fairly quickly.   I must admit, this year was a tough start. I bought a flat … continued…

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